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As the healthcare industry changes, pahoola’s mission is to inform and guide patients so they can make better decisions with their doctor to improve their health. Our solution is to provide high-quality, on-demand educational resources.

We begin our video network with the Tonsillectomy video series below.


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Tonsillectomy: An Introduction

A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils. Your tonsils are located in the back of the throat and can become infected. Watch this video to learn more about why you need a tonsillectomy, how it can prevent infection, and what you should expect from this treatment.

Video Length: 4 minutes

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Tonsillectomy: The Procedure

Many patients undergo a tonsillectomy to improve their overall health. This is a routine and relatively easy procedure for your surgical team. Watch this video to learn about the two types of tonsillectomy, how long you’ll need to heal, and what to expect on the day of your surgery.

Video Length: 3 minutes

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Tonsillectomy: Your Recovery

Ice cream, anybody? Knowing some guidelines for recovering after a tonsillectomy will help a safe return to normal activity. Watch this video to learn which foods to avoid, how to manage pain, and when you can expect to resume your daily routine.

Video Length: 5 minutes

PDF resource

Post-Op Checklist

This resource can be used as a step-by-step manual to guide you through the recovery process after your tonsillectomy surgery. Resource can be downloaded in PDF format.

we’re changing post-care patient education

this is only the beginning…

Every year there are 80 million surgical procedures performed in the US at a total cost of $350 billion. Patients and caregivers are given post-discharge instructions by doctors and nurses, but 10% of these patients are re-admitted to the emergency room within 30 days—this number is 20% for Medicaid patients. Half of these ER visits are avoidable or unnecessary, resulting in $24-50 billion in costs and 4 million unhappy patients.

Enter pahoola—our strategy is to reduce ER rebounding by building our online educational network. Your opinion matters to us. Please rank our website content below to let us know how we’re doing on a scale from 1 star (low rating) to 5 stars (high rating).

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